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Application: customized type high frequency welding machine is mainly according to the  special product

 customer requested.Such as: the lifejacket, drifting boat, drifting boat, floating row, curtain, bath curtain, 

inflatable pool, swimming pool, health mattress, jade mattress, inflatable mattress, inflatable sofa, wiring 

harness, water bag etc.. PVC mat embossing, mat welding, cushion pattern, S type mats welding etc.

Matured products: automatic cylinder forming , curling machine,high frequency speaker mesh implant machine,

car interiors and component welding machine, hot plate plastic welding machine.

  • Name:
    15KW-1C high frequency conveyer belt welding machine
    Model: HR-15KW-1C
    Scope Of Application: Specialized for welding thick tarpaulin, conveyor belt,treadmill,sidewall and other kinds of thick plastic material.
    Features: 1. specialize for connecting treadmill belt welding machine, conveyor belt .2. Firmly welding,be well meeting with materials of thi…
  • Name:
    Auto Rotary Table Medical Bags High Frequency Welder
    Model: HR-8000E-2C
    Scope Of Application: Double heads welding machine, This high frequency welding machine is widely applied for medical industrial, like , medical transfus…
    Features: Adopting PLC programme, micro computer trouch screen control, easy and clear to reach precisionNL-5557 high frequency anit-sparckle…
  • Name:
    H.F Induction Heating Welding Machine
    Model: HR-25KT
    Scope Of Application: High-frequency induction heating,it heats the speaker grill by High frequency and implanted the grill into the plastic shell of the…
    Features: The HF output is settled according to the size of the speaker grill.And for enhance productivity,the machine working plate can be m…
  • Name:
    High frequency Car Air Filter Welding Machine
    Model: HR-10KW-20T
    Scope Of Application: For car air filter welding, single working station design.
    Features: 1. Anti-flash system, to protect the tooling / mould; C-Frame welded steel structure with integrated HF generator2. Equipped with s…
  • Name:
    HF Welding Machine for Car Sun Visors
    Model: HR-10KW-20TQ
    Scope Of Application: For the production of sunvisors,20 tons pressure makes sure good quality product output.
    Features: 1.Specialize for making car sunvisor. 2.Good for welding environmental production dress glue products like APET,PETG,GAG materials…
  • Name:
    Automatic Cushion Seat Cover Welding Machine
    Model: HR-8000AT
    Scope Of Application: Cushion Seat cover, PVC cover, PVC Pad.
    Features: Auto Sliding Table machine, with vacuum function, with auto tuning function.
  • Name:
    Hot Plate Welding Machine
    Model: HC-4050
    Scope Of Application: Hot plate Lights welding, cars tank hot plate welding, , the hydrant hot plate welding, car doorhot plate welding , dashboard hot p…
    Features: Hot plate machine can be divided into divided into horizontal and vertical hot plate hot plate machine, plastic welding surface tha…
  • Name:
    Automatic Ultrasonic Welding Machine
    Model: HC-4215D-6AC
    Scope Of Application: Ultrasonic Welding machine for ABS/PE/PC/PS/PVC/PP material Ultrasonic welding; ABS-PC complex welding, acrylic Ultrasonic welding
    Features: +IC circuit precision control, automatic overload protection system+Adopting digital switch, 1/100 precision re-set control+Adjusta…
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