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Application:Non-standard customize high frequency welding machine applied for other industry such as:

life jacket, drifting boat, curtain, shower curtain, gas pool, pool, mattess,,inflatable sofa, water bag etc. PVC

door MATS embossed, door MATS welding, plastic door MATS embossing, carpet embossed, mat welding,

pads embossing, cushion embossing and s-type pads welding, electric car ottomans embossed, pads welding, 

locomotive cushion, seat welding etc;
Other model: Auto high frequency blister packing machine; High frequency PVC duct welding machine;

Auto turntable medical cushion pad welder;H.F induction heating implanting machine;

Features: Compliance with Environmental protection standard , CE certificate, Anti-spark 5557. 

Optional :TOSHIBA tube, H.F Auto tunning system.

  • Name:
    HR-25KWAT High frequency air filter pocket welding machine
    Model: HR-25KWAT
    Scope Of Application: specially designed for pocket air filter welding machine;non-woven air filter, pp air filter..
    Features: automatic slide table;auto tuning functionheating function at upper electrode available.
  • Name:
    HF Welding Machine for PVC Ear Pad, TPU Pad, Head Cushion
    Model: HR-8000AT
    Scope Of Application: used for production of PVC cushion seat cover , PVC Ear Pad, TPU Pad, Head Cushion
    Features: Auto Sliding Table machine, with vacuum function, with auto tuning function. with heat oven
  • Name:
    HR-25KW High frequency mattress cover welding machine
    Model: HR-25KW
    Scope Of Application: For welding all kinds of mattress, seat cover, pvc , tpu and leather covers...
    Features: CE certificate, single sliding table.welding time can be 0 to 3 minutes.
  • Name:
    HR-50KWT Anti Bedsore Medical Mattress Welding Machine
    Model: HR-50KWT
    Scope Of Application: applied for welding large pvc sheet, medical mattress, anti-bedsore mattress, TPU medical mattress, gel bed...Also applied for PVC …
    Features: Automatic sliding table machine: Auto tuning function; Hydraulic press, CE rated machines
  • Name:
    High Frequency cooling tower packing Welding Machine
    Model: HR-50KWT
    Scope Of Application: Applied for welding large pvc sheet, cooling tower cooling plastic sheet, cooling tower packing,cooling tower PVC packing, indust…
    Features: 1. CE rated, with CE certificate2. Double heads, 4 sliding welding stations3. Pneumatic mould hanging structure available4. Automat…
  • Name:
    HF welding machine for PVC graphene heating pet Pad/Mat
    Scope Of Application: 1. To seal and die-cut blister of PVC2. Heat mats for pets, house use carpets, cold area,
    Features: 1. Feeding, pushing material is optional, speed is under control2. The machine has heating and flatting devive, digital counter3. T…
  • Name:
    15KW-1C treadmill/sidewall welding machine
    Model: HR-15KW-1C
    Scope Of Application: High frequency connection machine for treadmill belt,conveyor belt,sidewall,profile
    Features: 1. Firmly welding, be well meet with thick or thin dimension of welding material2. Single line or two lines continue welding, weldi…
  • Name:
    high frequency car air filter pocket welding machine
    Model: HR-35KW
    Scope Of Application: For car air filter welding,two working stations design
    Features: 1. Anti-flash system, to protect the tooling / mould; bridge-Frame welded steel structure with integrated HF generator2. Equipped w…
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