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Total Oil-free Scroll — a breakthrough in compression technology

Scroll Air compressor is a kind of positive displacement compressor with features of tight structure, high efficiency, 

strong reliability and low noise etc.,which is especially applicable to frequency conversion control. However, 

as there is no numerical control machining technique and lack of proper solution for axial force balance,

scroll compressor cannot be put into production for a long time. In 70s, A.D.L Company achieved fruitful researches, 

firstly settled the sealing technique for wearing compensation on scroll plate ends and cooperated with Switzerland

to develop types of scroll compressor samples.

Total oil-free scroll air compressors have broken the common awareness of compressor and are named as

 the fourth-generation air compressor in the world, which will create clean, quiet and comfortable environment for you.

  • Name:
    HO Series Oil-Free Air Compressor
    Model: HO-0024
    Scope Of Application: applicable to all high-end application fields (partial)Senior coating (automobile spraying etc.)Precision equipment (oil-free dry a…
    Features: Advanced monitoring and control systemHumanized operation panelConcept of forced frequency conversion, automatic head switching, re…