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high frequency welding and cutting equipment for making TPU oxygen breathing mask

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High Frequency Welding Machine for breathing apparatus

TPU breathing mask welding machine

Machine photos:

HF machine for making anesthesia face mask, PVC oxygen breathing mask, PVC TPU anesthesia mask

Machin Specification:

Model                                                       HR-15KW-2QT
Power                                                        15000W
Power Supply                                           380V 3P 50HZ
Frequency                                                 27.12MHz
Input power                                               25KVA
Rectifier                                                     SILICON DIODE
Oscillation tube                                        8T85RB
Max pressure                                           2000KG (Hydraulic)
Gap of electrodes                                   150MM
Moving distance of active horn             150MM
The size of upper electrode                  550*400MM
The size of buttom electrode                600*500MM

HF anaesthetic oxygen mask welding machine for TPU mask cushion, breathing anaesthesia mask

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