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HR-12KWET-4AC Auto turntable high frequency welidng machine

Model: HR-12KWET-4AC
Scope Of Application: Application: Specialize for the plastic product with need to be welded material together and cut the extra edge out simultaneously. This kind of machine can be also called as hf simultaneous welding and cutting machine.Mainly apply for welding and cutting
Features: AutomaticTurntable high frequency welding equipment features:1.Discal plate with multi-work positions;2.Pneumtic & hydraulic;3.Welding and cutting at the same time;4.NL-5557 anti-spark device;5.Home-made tube or Toshiba tube optional;

Automatic high frequency welding equipment for battery Blister Package,Clamshell Packing,toothbrush Packing with robot arm

Applications for high frequency welding equipment are, for example:

1.battery blister package, clamshell packing,
2.clamshell toothbrush packing,
3.Covering tarpaulins, side tarpaulins,
4.Water basins, agricultural products
5.Coverings, sleeves
6.Awnings (screen cloth)
7.Blister packaging
8.Stationery (folders, albums, demonstration files etc.)
9.Car mats (welding on heel pieces and logo's)
10.PVC and PU conveyor belts
11.PVC inflatable boats, water beds
12.Rainwear, wading boots, wading suits
AutomaticTurntable high frequency welding equipment features:
1.Discal plate with multi-work positions;
2.Pneumtic & hydraulic;3.Welding and cutting at the same time;
4.NL-5557 anti-spark device;
5.Home-made tube or Toshiba tube optional;
6.Robot arm optional.
Technical Specification:

Model:                                  HR-8KWET-4AC     HR-10KWET-4AC    HR-12KWET-4AC      HR-15KWET -4AC      
H.F power:                                8000W                         10000W                     12000W                       15000W   
Power Supply:                                                         380V 50/60HZ   
Frequency:                                                     27.12MHZ                        
Input power:                              15KVA                          18KVA                          20KVA                          25KVA   
Rectifier:                                                                    Silicon diode   
Vibrational tube:                      7T69RB                        E3069                           E3130                         8T85RB           
Max pressure:                          500kg                            500kg                            800kg                         1000kg             
Gap of electrode:                                                    200mm  
Stroke:                                                                      150mm  
Size of up electrode:              300*400mm             300*400mm                350*450mm                 400*500mm   
Size of down electrode:         350*450mm             350*450mm                400*500mm                 400*500mm        
welding time:                                  0---10s   

Machine Drawings:

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