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HD Series High Temperature Air-Cooled Refrigeration Dryer

Model: HD-0010HA
Scope Of Application: For Air Compressor to dry air
Features: 1.Enlarged heat exchange flow channel 2.ICEBABY heat exchange device adopting vertical type 3.Multiple baffles4.Dual-stainless steel screen gas-liquid separator5.Surplus Evaporation Area 6.Top-laid Fan
1.Temperature of operating environment: 2℃≤lowest temperature, highest temperature≤40℃
2.Inlet temperature of compressed air: rated temperature≤50℃
3.Designed pressure corresponding to processing capacity: 0.7Mpa
4.Maximum bearing pressure of preposed evaporator shell: ≤1.3Mpa
5.Pressure dew point: +2℃~+10℃ (atmospheric dew point: -23℃~- +17℃)
6.Installation environment: no sunshine, no rainwater, good ventilation, no heat source (substance) with temperature higher than the ambient temperature on instrument surface, no barriers hindering exhaust on instrument back, installed on level hard ground, no obvious dust and cotton fibers. The refrigeration dryer must be installed behind the air cylinder pipeline.
7.Substances to be avoided: avoid the environment with suspended strong acid and base; avoid the environment with suspended ammonia (ammonia molecule); avoid superacid and strong alkaline ammonia flowing into the evaporator core.

8.Notice on pipeline installation: the refrigeration dryer shall be installed behind the buffering air cylinder pipeline (when it’s directly installed behind the air compressor, the pulse of the air compressor may cause damage to the evaporator core parts and even safety accidents). Besides, one pipeline filter shall be equipped before the refrigeration dryer at least.

Structure Flowchart of Refrigeration Dryer

1.       Evaporator

2.       Pre-cooling temperature recovery device

3.       Compressor

4.       Wind condenser

40. Water condenser

5.       Steam-water separating device

6.       Sewage disposal

7.       Dry filter

8.       Throttling device

9.       Air inlet

10.    Air outlet

11.    Electric drain valve

12.    Lightning protection hose

13.    Low-pressure refrigerant meter

14.    High-pressure refrigerant meter

15.    Low-pressure charging valve

16.    High-pressure protection switch

17.    Refrigerant bypass valve

18.    Pressure controller

19.    High-pressure charging valve

20.    Water control valve

21.    Drain filter

Description of compressed air flow:

      High-temperature and wet compressed air enters the (2) pre-cooling temperature recovery device (ICEBABY) from the (9) air inlet, and implements heat exchange with the cooled low-temperature compressed air flowing through the evaporator to release part of heat energy and remove remaining water content. At this time, the compressed air after level-1 cooling and dewatering enters the (1) evaporator and implements heat exchange with evaporator to remove the remaining water content; then, the (5) steam-water separator will separate water content from the compressed air, and liquid water will be drained through the (11) electric drain valve; but the low-temperature and dry compressed air will be back to the (2) pre-cooling temperature recovery device to absorb the high-temperature compressed air heat at the inlet position to make its temperature recover to the ambient temperature, and then the compressed air will be discharged through the (10) air outlet.
Configuration of Compressed Air Cleaning System
      It’s necessary to configure the equipment as the followed flowchart. Both the refrigeration dryer and adsorption dryer shall be equipped in pipeline behind air cylinder. Moreover, the adsorption dryer and various filters shall be selected as technological requirements of air use.
      The pipeline in front of the adsorption dryer must be equipped with one Grade T and Grade A filters respectively at least.
For any configuration questions, please consult our technicians and designers.

System Configuration Flowchart

Coolers and air tanks behind the system shall be selected as above configurations.

Key Points of Design

      Hipower HD series refrigeration dryers are welcomed greatly, which have perfect design, integrate all latest technologies, conform to the natural law of steam-water separation completely and are verified by physical principles perfectly.
Perfect Physical Structure Design
I. Powerful ICE BABY heat exchange device
       More heat exchange tubes are equipped to the largest extent. The HS series contain nearly 52 heat exchange tubes, which ensures full heat exchange between the high-temperature gas in inlet end and low-temperature gas from the evaporator, improves heat transfer efficiency, reduces the compressor load greatly and saves energy.
Contrast on Cooling Curves of ICEBABY Preposed Type and Traditional Preposed Type

Heat Exchange Curve

     The higher cooling ability does ICEBABY have, the lower the temperature of compressed air to the evaporator of refrigeration dryer is. Lower loads on refrigeration system could ensure the pressure dew point of the refrigeration dyer better.
It’s known from left figure that the cooling curve of ICEBABY preposed type is superior to traditional one. When the inlet temperature is 80℃, the temperature of compressed air will drop to 43.5℃ after flowing through ICEBABY preposed type, while the temperature of compressed air could only drop to 66℃ after flowing through traditional preposed type. It’s clear that the cooling performance of ICEBABY is more than twice higher than traditional ones.
Test condition:
Rated displacement of air compressor: 3.6m3/min
Rated pressure of air compressor: 0.66~0.75MPa
Suction temperature of air compressor: 6℃ + 0.4
Ambient temperature of refrigeration dryer: 40℃ + 0.5 (after heating)
Refrigeration ability of compressor: 2.7KW
Use the same units and the same refrigeration components.
Air inlet heating device will be installed before the refrigeration dryer unit.
Simulate the inlet temperature for test.
Four Guarantees—Ultra-strong Dewatering Effect
1.Enlarged heat exchange flow channel
      When the gas flows into the heat exchange cylinder, the heat exchange time extends and full and comprehensive heat exchange is realized due to the volume expansion and slowdown of flow speed. Moreover, the condensing time of condensed water prolongs so that the water could separate from the gas fully.
2.ICEBABY heat exchange device adopting vertical type
      The new type bare pipe-guided cold-heat alternating ICEBABY is of vertical type and fully utilizes physical principles. Under the effect of earth gravity and whirlwind centrifugal force, dry finished gas flows upward, while the condensed water flows to the bottom, which realizes excellent gas-liquid separation effect and guarantees the overall dewatering effect.
3.Multiple baffles
      The evaporator and ICEBABY are installed with multiple built-in baffle plates, and meanwhile, the water filtration device is equipped with baffle plate as well so as to slow the flow speed down, prolong the heat exchange time, effectively utilize interception effect and bump effect to achieve much thorough dewatering.
4.Dual-stainless steel screen gas-liquid separator
      Under the effect of interception effect, inertial effect, diffusion effect and bump effect, the gas-liquid separator ensures full water-gas separation; and further guarantees the dew point of finished outlet air due to the downward separation procedure design.
Key Points of Design/Product Features
A.Surplus Evaporation Area
      The evaporation area tested under limiting conditions for times based on optimized design matches with the processing capacity of the system perfectly on the basis of enough design surplus, guarantees sufficient evaporation of refrigerants in the evaporator and controls the superheat of the refrigeration system perfectly. Besides, the refrigerating capacity of the compressor is fully utilized to realize energy-saving, high-efficiency and steady running.
B.Top-laid Fan
      Such design conforms to natural phenomena. According to the principle of hot gas rising, the high-temperature air exhausted from the cooling fan on condenser is discharged from the top so as to promote the condensation efficiency of the condenser to the largest extent. Meanwhile, the cold air is sucked from sides and the hot air is exhausted out of the crate directly from the top. In this way, the flow direction is single and eliminates disordered flows in the crate completely. Meanwhile, such design also eliminates the mutual disturbance during operation so that it’s able to install equipments in a concentrated manner.
Perfect Effect from Perfect Design
1.Steadier performance
      Scientific and reasonable structure improves the operating efficiency; and ultra-large evaporator and 0.6MM inner grooved copper pipe with electrophoresis treatment ensure no leakage, safer and steadier operation and reduce unnecessary maintenance.
2.Much thorough dewatering
      The multiple separation effects, enlarged heat exchange flow channel, vertical type ICEBABY, built-in multiple baffles and the multiple-procedure design of gas-liquid separator with stainless steel screen ensure ultimate dewatering effect.
3.Higher cost performance
      The scientific and perfect design and optimal configuration enable HS series refrigeration dryers to be a type with distinct cost performance.
4.More trusts from users

You may rest assured on Hipower products due to their stability, feel ease on Hipower products owing to their high efficiency and energy conserve.

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